Prophet Muhammad Predicted The Illuminati (100% PROOF)

Prophet Muhammad Predicted The Illuminati (100% PROOF)

Almost all the prophets sent by the Almighty God warned their people about the trials of the Dajjal also known as the Antichrist But our Prophet Muhammad told us something about the Dajjal that no other prophet ever told his people before Some people do not believe in the Illuminati and will claim it is only speculation and conspiracy But one has to know that there is a strong link between the Illuminati and Dajjal the Illuminati is a secret society very similar to Freemasonary Skull and Bones and Zionism All these groups have one similarity between them They worship the devil Satan we can prove this by looking at the symbolism used by these groups the symbols Which these secret sects? associate themselves with can be found in the practices of black magic and these same symbols like the Pentagram and the One Eye Reoccur everywhere around us for example, we can see the same Pentagram on the Israeli flag They claimed it to be the Star of David, but it has a more sinister origin Which we will explain later on the same black magic symbols reoccur everywhere in the entertainment industry This cannot just be a coincidence or just a fashion statement The origin of black magic is mentioned in the Holy Quran and is directly linked to the Jews After prophet Solomon died the Jews had learned the practices of black magic black Black Magic is an occult sign Which gives you the ability to communicate with the jinn also known as demons When prophet Jesus was sent to the Israelites as the promised Messiah the Jews rejected him and said he was a liar Not the real and promised Messiah, so in reality the Jews are still waiting for their Messiah promised in the Torah the real Messiah had already come so on which Messiah are they actually waiting on They are waiting for the false messiah the Dajjal Sent by the one and only Satan himself When the Jews learned black magic they were able to connect with the spiritual world So Satan himself is now in direct contact with the secret societies Satan has promised the Jews that he will bring them the real Messiah promised in their books This is why the Zionists are now preparing Israel to make his arrival possible by building the Third Temple in Jerusalem This is also why the Zionists have occupied Palestinian land almost all presidents of the USA were part of secret societies like Freemasonry and Skull and Bones They worshiped the devil, which they see as their God Now we are going to prove to you that the Prophet predicted the Illuminati we will first begin with the hadith Narrated to us and by the Prophet in which he described the Antichrist or Dajjal the Prophet said Allah is not hidden from you He Allah is not one-eyed and pointed with his hand towards his eye adding while ad dajjal is blind in the right- eye, and his eye looks like a protruding grape in This hadith we learned that the Prophet said that our God is not One-eyed while the Dajjal will be one-eyed and he will claim to be God How does this narration prove the existence of the Illuminati? Now if look at the $1 bill of the United States of America.

We can see a pyramid with on top one Eye, and we can read the text ‘in god we trust’ The official explanation given by the american government about the eye that it’s called the Eye of Providence Which according to them means the all-seeing eye of God So who is their one-eyed God? is the God of Abraham? the God of Moses? the God of Jesus? the god of Mohammad? Like our prophet said our God is not one-eyed while the Dajjal will be one-eyed This is clear proof that the forces that are controlling in the USA are not the servants of Allah But the servants of Satan and his “prophet” the Dajjal This is clear proof that there are dark forces working behind the scenes But people are too distracted by the entertainment and music businesses so that they can prepare the arrival of their Messiah without any resistance



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