Brazil vs Belgium Prediction | 2018 FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals

Brazil vs Belgium Prediction | 2018 FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals

What’s up rich guys welcome back to the channel and again you make sure you hit the subscribe button wrote the 10k is in full effect guys we are done with the group stages of the 2018 World Cup we are officially done with a round of 16 and now we go into the second knockout phase which is called a quarter-finals only eight teams left in the tournament could you guys believe it narrowed down from 32 we only have eight left we have new avoid vs. prawns and Brazil vs. Belgium on one side of the bracket and on the other side we have Croatia vs.

Russia and we have England vs Sweden one of these teams will win the 2018 World Cup take your pick guys take your pick it’s hard it’s really really hard it’s really really hard but in this video I’ll be doing the Brazil vs. Belgium match preview & prediction 2013-2014 in favor of Brazil with Neymar stealing the show at one goal one assist and of course his theatrics from Belgium data group G with a perfect 9 points which meant they would play the second place team in Group H which so happened to be Japan who qualified on the Fairplay rule like that was his you know that was history the Belgium vs. Japan round of 16 match turned out to be one of the most exciting games of the 2018 World Cup when Japan went up two goals to nil but Belgium pulled off one of the most remarkable comebacks in work of history within the match three goals to two who can Brazil or Belgium play in the semi finals well the winner of the Brazil vs.

Belgium fixture will meet the winner of the Uruguay vs. France what another matchup that would be wow will it be Uruguay vs. Brazil or South American affair or will it be France vs. Belgium and all European affair or will it be France is Brazil a repeat of the 1998 World Cup final Oh will it be Uruguay vs. Belgium Wow guys we don’t know as yet we will just have to wait and see has Brazil and Belgium lived up to my expectations well purpose till the dead top group a like I predicted and they met Mexico in the round of 16 Mexico proved to be no match for Brazil and Brazil will now face the team who I chose to support Belgium no guys I initially predicted Brazil and Belgium to meet in the finals but the football guard Succoth Elyas had other plans well since I predicted both teams to meet in the finals whoever gets knocked out will not live up to my expectations at all as for my team Belgium from now on nothing less than the World Cup trophy will be a big letdown for me because I have been truly let on by you throughout the whole tournament with that said let the battle begin the sillas all of Brazil versus the Red Devils of Belgium in what will be the last match of the tournament for one of these two killer teams one or two things are gonna happen guys one or two things it’s either I’m gonna make a beautifully narrated video about a Belgium victory or it’s gonna be a rant ripping Roberto Martinez and the entire Belgium team on you subs and all a new one wait for it guys just wait for it this brings us the head-to-head how many times of Brazil and Belgium met each other in the past well these two teams have met each other on four previous occasions with Brazil one and three and Belgium win in one they met once at the World Cup back in 2002 when Brazil won that match two goals to nil now they will meet again at the 2018 World Cup as two of the frontrunners to win the whole thing three players to watch for both teams for Brazil Neymar jr.

He has performed very very well at the tournament so far and it seems like Brazil only wins or all plays their opponents when he is very much involved in place but Neymar’s antics and theatrics have left a really bitter taste in people’s mouths anok Brazil is to pass their biggest test so far at the 2018 World Cup Neymar will need to show up once more Alison Becker the goalkeeper he hasn’t really been tested so far at the World Cup but best believe he will be tested in this match vs. Belgium is Allison up for the biggest test of his career we would just have to wait and see Phillip Cottenham if the Neymar Trek is negated then big Felipe has to step up and lead the front line he is currently my favorite player on the Brazilian team and he is one of those type of players who could come to life at any given time and produced that one moment of magic which ultimately makes the difference and wins you the game for Belgium Eden Hazard he has been Belgium’s best player so far at the 2018 World Cup but he needs to produce another magical performance if Belgium ought to pull off the unthinkable and topple the five-time world champions Kevin de Bruyne a Belgium’s or the talisman has been operating in a deeper midfield role for the first 60 minutes of all three games he has featured in so far at the 2018 World Cup but he does however come to life when Drees Martin’s is subbed off and he moves further of the field I do think that Kevin de Bruyne needs to play a little higher up to feel a Belgium or to stamp their authority early on in this match Thibaut Courtois although he was unable to keep a clean sheet versus Japan he made amends by coming up with a few big saves to keep Belgium in the match in this game vs Brazil I want to see that version of Thibaut Courtois when he was alone at Atletico Madrid remember him guys remember him that loss spell actually propelled him to the number one goalkeeping position at Chelsea best 11 for both teams well for Brazil cheechee will play a 4-2-3-1 formation we will see Alison in goal Thiago Silva and Zhao Miranda as Senna halves in the left back we may see Philippe in Luiz again since Marcelo is currently struggling with an injury and then I write back we will see fagner ahead of Daniel o who is now fit but I think Magna has really played well in the central defensive a few positions we would see Paulino and fernandinho who will come in for a suspended casimiro above them I expect to see Neymar jr.

Cuttino and Willian and a lone man up top Gabriella Zeus again even though he has failed to score so far at the 2018 World Cup and for my super sub Roberto Firmino for Belgium Roberto Martinez plays a 3/4 Reformation he may look to tweak his formation vs Brazil but we will just have to wait and see but I think he will go in with a 343 if so we will sativa caught one in goal and three Center halfs in Vuitton and Alda soirée and company for the left wing back in this match I’m gonna drop Yannick Carrasco and bring in NASA charlie who really deserves a start from his last few performances right wing back I’m gonna persist with Thomas Looney air in the center of the field as deeply and midfielders I’m gonna go with acts of itsel and I’m gonna bring in mousa dembélé then I’m gonna push Kevin de Bruyne a further up the field to partner even hazard and Romelu Lukaku Drees Martin’s will drop to the bench well I really hope Roberto Martinez goes in with this 11 it looks better versus Brazil and for my super sub of course Moran Fellini so guys now for my predictions the most difficult part of this video where I decide who will win this match in the round of 16 I got 6 out of 8 correct not bad at all not bad at all I could have got the Colombia one correct versus England but oh man guys we all know what happened in that game don’t want to discuss it England got really lucky let’s just put it that way and the Spain Russia well Russia they toppled a giant okay let’s get back to the focus Brazil vs.

Belgium Brazil has been really clinical so far only much they were really tested in was the Switzerland match and to a certain extent the Costa Rica game when they won late but we all expected Brazil to win da Costa Rica game Brazil’s defense has been only letting in one goal so far one goal alison has only faced maybe let’s say like five shots at him so far so he hasn’t really been tested I think you will be tested in this match I think he will be tested in this match so I covered Brazil’s goalkeeper I covered their defenders you know Marcelo might not be available for this match so they left back Felipa Luiz and the write-back fagner you know those could be areas where Belgium could could could look to exploit um central defensive midfielders you know casimiro is not out but you have the wildly foxy polendina feminine he can be a threat paulinho is a threat going forward all over the place Willian Cuttino nema garage issues or threats it’s gonna be a feisty contest it’s gonna be a good battle it’s gonna be a good one these two teams match up player for player player for player Romelu Lukaku Kevin de Bruyne Eden Hazard muniya every features mertens if he features Carrasco he features Witzel I really want to see mousa dembélé play this match I think it will be really good in the midfield to break up play and to you know negate that threat of NEMA and I want Kevin de Bruyne it to go forward so his attacking threat could come into play because we have been seeing him come to life in the last let’s say 35 minutes of every game Courtois he needs to come big versus Brazil he needs to pull off a performance of his life vs Brazil company with tongue and Alda wah-wah they need to come big Nietzsche why their class defendants it’s a tough match to predict tough match substitutions will be key whoever chipping on us his subs whoever Roberto Martinez bring on as his subs it will be key it’s gonna be it’s gonna be key it’s a hard match to predict guys it’s fire vs fire this fire vs.

Fire and I think they got a cancer each other out in a 2-2 match it’s gonna be 2 – it’s gotta go into extra time it’s gonna go to penalties I don’t want it to go to penalties but I think it’s gonna go to penalties it’s hard to pick who’s gonna win in 90 minutes so I’m gonna play it safe it’s gonna go to penalties guys I really want Belgium to win this match I want Belgium to knock Brazil out of this world cup but as I said ah it’s not who I want to win Belgium it’s my team is now who I want to win I think Brazil will win the match I think was ill will win the match but let me say this I want to get this prediction wrong I want to get it wrong as I want to get it wrong I’m gonna say Brazil win the match I really don’t wanna jinx the team so let’s hope I get this prediction wrong wrong wrong wrong as ah it’s gonna be a tough one Eden Hazard man gonna come into play Nima you know this is the match where we’re gonna see what a real big boys will it’s Kevin de Bruyne er and even has or where there’s me more and Philip Kartini guys let me know your prediction for this match in the comment section down below I’m really looking forward to see what you guys are gonna see so let me know down below so guys the question of the day question of the day who has been the most impressive defender so far at the 2018 World Cup well for me it gotta be Diego Bodine and let me put John Miranda in there they have been really really impressive so let me know your answer in the comment section down below so guys have you new to the channel make sure you click the subscribe button smash the thumbs up button let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below and until next time peace out rich squash



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